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This Makes no Sense, Think of Yourself

- Video work 04'45''

- Manual booklet published in edition of 100

- Lecture performance

Curated by Giusy Checola, 2014

Starting from the pyramidal structure of





the work comes to look into the relationship between the manufacturer and the consumer found in food and health industry. It also tries to transform this dynamic, of input (ads) : output (behaviour), into terms of art-making and viewing, putting the light on three notions: body idealisation, trade agreements and geopolitical interests.

This work was produced by Artegiovani Milano in the frame of the residency programme GAP - Global Art Programme Waiting for Expo 2015. With the patronage of Expo Milan 2015. In collaboration with Fare, Al Ma'mal Foundation, Open Care. With the contribution of Regione Lombardia, Comuni di Milano. 

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