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A Journey to Ramallah

Video installation, 04'23’', 2013

Produced as part of /S:in/ festival 2013
Curated by Lara Khaldi and Reem Shilleh

A journey to Ramallah is conducted by a proposed map titled as: "Town Planning Adviser: Planning of Jerusalem (Jordan) and Region, 1965." The journey begins from Shu'fat: the camera scans the map starting from there passes on to Beit Hanina South, Beit Hanina Central, Beit Hanina North, Er Ram, Air Port Area, Qalandiya and finally arrives in Ramallah – El Bireh.

The video comes to evoke the perspective of the spectator; the way s/he sees and examines things around her/him. It also attempts to expand the meaning of the decisive moment in shooting / filming / photographing.

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