Pages 78-79 from derek jarmen's garden with photographs by howard sooley, Rotterdam, 2020 

Sunset at the border: Somewhere between the Netherlands and Belgium, 2020

Parasitic plant: Greater dodder / European dodder (Cuscuta europaea / حامول أوروبيّ أو كشّوث روميّ) between a field of common nettle / stinging nettle / stinger (Urtica dioica / قرّاص كبير أو قرّيص) in Maastricht, 2020

Field of wild carrots / bird's nest / bishop's lace / Queen Anne's lace (Daucus carota / جزر برّي أو جزر شائِع) in Schiedam, 2020

Butterbur / coltsfoots (Petasites / قبعيّة), Rotterdam, 2020

Portrait of Ulufer Çelik dancing with Brazilian giant-rhubarb (Gunnera manicata) in Rotterdam, 2020

Faggots. Japanese knotweed (Fallopia japonica) dry stems, variable dimensions, 2020. From the ongoing research The dog chased its tail to bite it off.

Bigger than you and me together: self-portrait with Giant hogweed (Heracleum mantegazzianum / عشبة الخنزير العملاقة) aka Stalin's revenge! Photo credit: Marcel Geerdink2020

Blue at my parents' home in Nazareth, 2015

Tea of heaven / mountain hydrangea (hydrangea serrata / hortensia), The Hague, 2017

A horse chained to a conifer tree in Ramallah, 2015

Rural landscape in Bethlehem, 2014. From the video/photo essay Wild Plants of Palestine

A rabbit between Summer lilac / Butterfly-bush (Buddleja davidii) shrubs on the portico of an abandoned building / old factory in Biella, 2018

Bramble (Rubus), Vienna, 2019

Common wood sorrel (Oxalis acetosella) in Vienna, 2019

Bugle / Bugleherb / Bugleweed / Blue bugle / Common bugle / Carpetweed / Carpet bugleweed / St. Lawrence plant (Ajuga reptans), Vienna, 2019

Lower Austria (Niederösterreich), 2019

Untitled, Birzeit, 2011

Pears, Rotterdam, 2020

Omar's camel, Jerusalem, 2010

Self-portrait with Gunnera manicata (Brazilian giant-rhubarb) in Rotterdam, 2019. From the ongoing research The dog chased its tail to bite it off. Photo credit: Ulufer Çelik 

Self-portrait with Jerlyn Heinzen in Milan, 2015. Photo credit: Camil Hämmerli

New year's eve in Nazareth, 2010

Self-portrait with Japanese knotweed (Fallopia japonica) faggots at the Schloss Laudon in Vienna, 2019. From the ongoing research The dog chased its tail to bite it off. Photo credit: Carla Cabanas

Beard in 8x10 film camera, 2011

The Last supper, Birzeit, 2012. From The Last Supper

Self-portrait in Jerusalem, 2012. From the series How long is this state gonna last?

Window view, Tyreh (Ramallah), 2013

Aare river, Aarau, 2014

Biblical landscape in the Lower Galilee, 2015

Evening Ennui with Mum on a Rainy Sunday at home in Nazareth, 2015